An Adventure with an Ecological Aim

An Adventure with an Ecological Aim

Irina Dimitrova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

From 12th October  to 19th October , 2020, I took part in the project “Friday’s for future in Gythio”. First, I would like to thank all the organizers for this adventure and the incredible emotion that it brought to me. Yes, that’s right, this project was a real adventure for me.

The pretty town of Gythio is located in the south of the country, near Athens, and we were surprised by a late summer-like weather. Gathering the last rays of sunshine and some positive energy, we worked every day to come up with creative solutions to a serious global problem, such as the environmental pollution and respectively the environmental protection. We followed the 5 R’s methodology: refuse, reduce, reuse, reproduce, recycle. 

As a result we created a clothes bazaar with items we will no longer wear: we could exchange our pieces of clothing for the ones of other participants in the project. Each garment was, of course, pre-disinfected according to the measures against Covid19.

We managed to make new tasty dishes and desserts out of leftover food. Using just dry old bread, some butter and eggs we prepared a delicious traditional Bulgarian ‘banitsa’, with which we managed to impress the other participants. Then, for one afternoon we managed to pick up and collect over 50 kg of waste from a polluted area in the city.

Apart from the activities, our days were filled with smiles, moments on the beach, walks in the town and new friendships, we even visited some caves located in a town near Gythio. Thus, in addition to addressing the main problem – environmental protection, we were able to experience a small part of the thousands of cultural attractions which lay hidden in beautiful Greece. 

Good or bad, everything comes to an end, and the end of our adventure came in Athens.

The day before the flight we stayed overnight in the city with the other participants and so we had the opportunity to visit the majestic Acropolis.

The emotions and the memories, the friendships and this whole adventure will certainly evoke a lot of smiles and warm feelings for a long time.