Thinking about the Environment at Times of Pandemic

Thinking about the Environment at Times of Pandemic 

Diana Savova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In times of restrictions and social distancing, I had the chance to participate in the training course “Fridays 4future in Gythio”, funded by the Erasmus + program and organized by Humanity & Youth. The project took place from October 12th until October 19th in Gythio, Laconia, Greece.

There were participants from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Estonia and Cyprus. The pandemic situation did not prevent us from having discussions and working on the objectives of the project in strict compliance with all anti-epidemiological measures.

The focus of the activities was on the problems related to the environmental pollution and climate change. We had discussions and developed strategies for: reducing the waste materials and possibly reusing them for purposes different from the original ones, limiting the consumer behavior of the individual as part of society and refraining from buying non-recyclable items. Each country team was given the task to present a dish made of or based on leftover products. We made a ‘banitsa’ with old bread (in all honesty, I had not tried this before), but it definitely turned out delicious and it is a good option if you have leftover bread at home.

During one of the days in Gythio, we went to a polluted section of the coast and picked up garbage, collecting a large amount of different type of waste, which was later labeled and sorted.

All team members participated in the activities and in the discussions with their creativity and full attention. We were together for a little over a week, but we all became close and I already have more than one invitations to visit my friends in their home countries. I hope some of them come to Bulgaria too. This project created a really valuable experience for me and I’m sure this applies to everyone else who took part it.