Adventures and New Knowledge in Içmeler, Marmaris, Turkey 2020

Adventures and New Knowledge in Içmeler, Marmaris, Turkey 2020

Lazar Ivanov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The project “Media Tools for Active Youth” started on September 26, 2020, for the first time I went to another country, alone with other people who I did not know and did not expect to be so kind and friendly. I dived into the unknown, but that’s what life is for, to experience everything from which you will gain experience. For the first time I travelled by plane, I saw many landmarks of Turkey, met the other Bulgarian participants and had a good first impression of them. The trip was great and accident-free.

I arrived in a totally new and unfamiliar city for the project but which I had high expectations for. They were all justified at the end. We settled in, I was in a room with another boy. The room and the hotel were on a high level. After the check-in we went to dinner. The food was unique. Everything was brilliantly planned. The classes started in the morning. The goal in the beginning was to get to know each other and to start feeling comfortable together. Then the real work on the topic of the project began. Everything was organized to the last detail. I went media illiterate and came back much more informed and familiar with each one of the topics, mentioned during the project. The tasks we did were very educational and done in an interesting and funny way. The organisers divided us into groups, we did different exercises, everyone got involved with their individual idea.

The project was in Içmeler a unique place to rest. In October I swam in the sea, during our free time most of the participants went to the beach and had fun.

The other thing that was useful from the project was the new friendships I made. Communicating with people from other countries and making friends with them is very useful for the human development. The project was unique and unforgettable.