About the photos, the media and Turkey

About the Photos, the Media and Turkey

Viktor Djakov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The experience during the project “Media Tools for Active Youth” gave me the opportunity to separate from my daily life and  also the chance to meet a lot of diverse people. I am the happiest person regarding the fact that I was able to share my knowledge about photography and cinema with the other participants. In addition to the videos, promoting the project, we have hundreds of photos with which we captured during this great week. I also managed to challenge myself by using my skills in a new way, which took me out of my comfort zone – I participated in lots of activities, where I learned something from each person in the group. I learned the most from my own team – the Bulgarian one, and I also made friends who will be beside me in the future. New horizons have opened up for me, as I am now much more informed about social media and how to use it responsibly.