Summer Adventures

Summer Adventures 

Pepa Garkova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The summer was coming to its end and I was putting a swimsuit and a towel in the suitcase, what could be better? My expectations, of course, were high, a project – in a wonderful place, with an interesting topic and with a Bulgarian facilitator! All these aspects did not disappoint me.

The beaches in Içmeler were with water, surrounded by endless islands and mountаins. In only a few kilometers was Marmaris, with its magnificent views, over the noisy port. Since our very first night, together we created a tradition to have wonderful evenings on the sand, where everyone was welcome, even the locals. The unforgettable moments till the early hours of the night didn’t stop us to be active and hard-working during the day.

The topic of the project acquired completely new dimensions to me – I found new points of view and solutions of problems, such as click bait, misleading information and fake news. Throughout the project I gained new opportunities to work with participants with diverse personalities, which helped me to meet new people with whom I made strong friendships.

Our wonderful facilitator Alex tried to listen and respect every participant and showed flexibility throughout the project, changing even the small details when someone of the group leaders reported a problem. At every leader meeting we discussed the issues (if any) in a calm environment, in which the dialogue flourished and lasted for hours. The result was always there exactly on the next day which made me do my best in exchange of her understanding. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to meet these people again, so that together we can continue building a clearer idea for the future of youngsters inside and outside of the online space!