A Motivating Experience

 A Motivating Experience

Ralitsa Petkova

( Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Everybody has heard of “Erasmus +” and its opportunities for young people, but only after taking part in one of its projects, can you truly understand it. I spent a wonderful week in Craiova, Romania from 4th to 10th December and I would never forget the experience! The most important part of it, in my opinion, is that I now feel more like a European. There were participants from 12 countries in the training course called “Bullying vs Sport” and I was able to get an insight into their culture, thinking and lifestyle. They all presented their country in the best possible way and I’m grateful for the possibility to teach them as much as I could about Bulgaria. Moreover, I have become more concerned about the issue and other social topics, discussed during the project. We combined hard work with leisure activities and I managed to develop vital qualities such as team work, task and time management, as well as my communication and presentation skills. I have become more fluent in English and built up many friendships. Last but not least, I am now motivated to help up dealing with social issues and improve the state of life in my country. I miss Craiova so much and am looking forward to the next training course!