The incredible experience “Stable Art Movies”

The incredible experience “Stable Art Movies”

Anna Budeva

\Bulgarian Youth Forum\

 Being a part of the project “Stable Art Movies” was an incredible adventure. For it took place in the small German village Bechstedt, enable us to move away from the busy lifestyle and enjoying the peace of mind to concentrate on the goal of the project. Our German hosts had prepared an interesting, interactive and informal program through which we easily became friends with other participants (from Latvia and Portugal and of course Germany). All these factors contributed to the rapid creation of a cohesive and creative team. This environment provided us with a unique opportunity to fulfill the purpose of the project – shooting short films – having fun which in turn surely leaves lasting memories in every one of us. Professionals from Germany who helped us as well as special equipment which supplied us make the whole process extremely authentic and the final result – worthy of an Oscar.

Overall “Stable Art Movies” was a truly amazing experience that I would gladly repeat again.