About us

logo BYFBulgarian Youth Forum was launched as a student club in 2007. With the increasing interest in the activities of the club and the increase of active young members in it, a decision for the establishment of an NGO to facilitate the implementation and coordination of youth projects and ideas was taken. After registration in the Vidin District Court in early 2012 Bulgarian Youth Forum has expanded its activities at a national and international level. The Board of Directors of the organization decided to register it in the Vidin region since one of the goals of the organisation is to help the youth in one of the poorest regions in the country. Some of our other priorities include:

  • Establishment and facilitation of socially beneficial activities, having a direct and indirect impact on developing the youth potential.
  • Helping the youth in their efforts to formulate a complete, long-term and sustainable vision for the development of young people in Bulgaria.
  • Development of unpopular tourist destinations in Bulgaria and popularization of Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage among the young people.

Bulgarian Youth Forum has partner projects abroad. The organization is seeking to strengthen its international contacts and to enable more young people to travel and gain experience which would help them in the realization of their own ideas and projects in Bulgaria. These activities are part of the Bulgarian Youth Forum’s initiative to help the development of young leaders who can be a “generator” of innovative ideas and approaches to youth development.

Since late 2012 Bulgarian Youth Forum is officially a basic institution of the Faculty of Education at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Experts from the association organize and carry out the pre-diploma practice of the students from the Faculty of Education.

By decision of the Board of the Directors of the Bulgarian Youth Forum, as members of the Board of Managers were named Bozhidar Tsvetkov (chairman), Ivanka Bozhilova and Ivan Ivanov. Tsvetelina Haralampieva was named IR coordinator.

On the English version of the site work Nadya Dincheva, Ivan Ivanov, Nadejda Miteva, Simeon Konakchiev, Gergana Kicheva, Tsvetelina Haralampieva, Bilyana Buzyakova, Viktoriya Kostova, Biljana Hristovska, Sandra Salome Ust, Thomas Aichinger.

On the Spanish version of the site work Nadya Dincheva, Gergana Kicheva, Nadejda Miteva, Kaloyan Tsvetkov, Ivanka Bozhilova, Pablo Armas, Enric Vilagrassa Montane.

On the German version of the site work Antoaneta Mollova, Izabel Büeler, Maria Ivanova, Rumyana Gogova, Thomas Aichinger, Kaloyan Staykov.

More information about some of our members you can learn from their personal business cards.