Amateur Mini Football League (AMFL)
NGO which facilitates the popularization and practice of sport among people of all ages. The organisation operates a football school for young talented players which are trained by former professional players.

Trainer.bgOrganisation which offers specialized training for people of all ages in key areas and competences in various areas of public life.

Svetlomir Miloslavov (Wolvy)DJ, producer and radio host. His radio show “Trance Inside” airs in eight different countries, which the accompanying podcast is popular on iTunes. Wolvy has the ambition to develop and popularize his music to a wide range of listener.

Tourist Service Municicpality Enterprise at Sofia City Municipality – Here you will find useful tourist information for Sofia, and the activities of Tourist Service Municipal Enterprise. You can apply for tourist categorization of your tourist establishment, obtain a statement of the categorization procedure to date, e-male suggestions and recommendations. You can view our gallery and present your photographs, find information that is of interest to you. For experts in tourism industry we provide the Tourism in Figures section, best practices and calendar of events in Sofia.

Movement “Change For The Students”“Change For The Students” was established in April 2012 to improve student life and the quality of education in Bulgaria. Our team is made up of students and alumni of many universities, and representatives of several student organizations. We all believe that young and educated Bulgarians are the future of Bulgaria and we dedicate ourselves to the mission to work for their development. the decoded law is the pilot project of the non-governmental organization Department for Legal Culture. The main aim is to provide useful and practical legal information for its readers in an understandable way. 

Scientific world – A world of science, knowledge and desire to learn more about the world around us and beyond. Here you will find extensive information on the origin and evolution of human being. You will dive into vast space and get acquainted with the creatures that inhabited our planet millions of years ago. You will travel on our beautiful planet and will peek into its interior and discover its surface. A site designed to get you “up” with new discoveries! – provides the service information about camps, scholarships, studies, masters, PhD, trainings, conferences, grants,volunteering, contests, e-books, internships and jobs for young people.