The beauty of the little things


The beauty of the little things

Beatris Bozhilova


I’m Beatrice and I’m currently volunteering for a project under European Solidarity Corps Programme at the Youth Dynamics organization based in Cyprus. The project is for one year, and for me this is the fourth week since I arrived and I will be happy to tell you about everything so far.

The place where I live along with food and pocket money is provided by the project. I am currently volunteering at the Red Cross of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, as well as another organization, Gardens of the Future. Three days a week we visit the Red Cross where we help prepare food, dry packs, distribution of any necessities that a person needs, as well as documentation. Such experience is different for me, and I find that unconditionally committed time is somehow enriching.

In the Gardens of the Future is really interesting. The organization was created with the idea and inspiration to find an expression of the smart systems of the past in the present day. Systems that people used to get water, heat and food. The place is located in old buildings in Nicosia as they have been renovated and the space is full of nature and coziness. The different types of trees make it pleasant to breathe even though it is located in the city. One of their goals is to develop this example in many cities, because it really changes the quality of air. The food is homemade and in fact, apart from these systems, the place is used for various events, workshops and all kinds of performances.

Our job as volunteers is to help with all of this and every time is different and interesting. We meet different people and the activities are more artistic. From lighting a fire to gathering herbs to cook, or playing with children, making coffee, blowing up balloons, painting, everything needed to make an event a unique experience.

For now, these are the activities. The free time which left I use to create a really good ground for my return. I am working on my flexibility, habits and being useful and in love. I’m on Aphrodite’s island after all.

As a visual artist, this place is a source of things that I have not even dreamed of and I am captivated by their nature.

Thank you!