“Guide on the Prevention of Radicalization”

We present to you one of the significant results of the work of our ESC volunteers Hakan Şatin and Seda Şengül – the “Guide on the Prevention of Radicalization”. It presents basic information about radicalization, what it is, its dimensions among young people, how to recognize it and, no less important, how to prevent it. Information on good practices from Türkiye and Europe on combating radicalization can also be found in the guide aimed at youth workers. Hakan and Seda have also suggested non-formal tools for working with youth on the topic. The proposed sources, on which the information in the guide is based, can also be a good starting point for those who want to delve deeper into the prevention of radicalization as one of the challenges of modern society.

Editorial assistance was provided by our ECS volunteer Saradia Bregu.

The guide can be downloaded here: “Guide on the Prevention of Radicalization”