Connection with the Nature

Connection with the Nature

Tsvetan Simeonov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Thе project “Restoring Minds” in Latvia in September 2023, reaffirmed my love for nature and its effectiveness as a tool for connecting with myself and relaxing by disconnecting from the worries of everyday life. The dialogues with nature showed me that we can be together in the same place but at the same time still take some alone time to connect with the surrounding trees and plants, as well as our feelings. I have already implemented some of the techniques I learned during my stay in Latvia into my life. This Erasmus+ project was an opportunity to meet new interesting people from different parts of the world, with whom I connected deeply. The conversations with the other participants made me realize some important truths about myself and also achieved personal growth by changing my way of thinking. I learned a lot about the other countries and their cultures by talking to people firsthand, which is so much more meaningful than just reading the facts online. Overall, I feel that this project enriched me in more ways than one and I am really glad I attended it.