Getting Enriched

Getting Enriched

Ivan Kehayov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

For me, the poject “Restoring Minds” in Latvia was a very special experience. People often tend to underestimate the value of personal growth and self reflection. Most of the time we chase career goals without realizing the easiest and quickest path to them we can walk if we are in harmony with ourselves. Not only I recharged myself throughout this one week, but also met new friends and learnt curious facts about other cultures. I think, though, the most important outcome for me, from this project, was learning how to focus and center myself. I am really happy I am in better control of my reactions now. Also, my perception of the world has changed and I try to see the world through other people`s eyes before judging why they did something I disapprove of. Overall, it was really mindful and enriching experience that I sincerely believe made me grow personally in few different ways.