In the country of Don Quixote

Hello! My name is Detelina and I am currently in the country of Don Quixote chasing my windmills as a volunteer. I represent the BYF at the IMAGING IMAGINA youth center in Alcobendas, near Madrid. My total stay here will be 9 months – starting on 1 November. My schedule is full of different activities and I will be happy to introduce you to them. Every week I organize an informal English language course for young people, assist teachers at a local university and facilitate feminist discussions. In addition, my daily routine includes helping children with homework and tests, a course for adults to learn English, fun lessons at a local school, and last but not least, working at a refugee center. My everyday life is colorful, I enrich myself and learn many new things about the world around me. I have three other volunteers with me, from France, Belgium and Latvia, and thanks to them I am learning collaboration, cultural norms and language skills. Additionally, I create content to promote the organization’s activities, and implement many of my ideas in the context of my daily work. Along with everything I learn through my work duties, I immerse myself day after day in the rich Spanish culture and learn two new languages.

You can learn more about my adventures on my blog, which you can find here: