“Volunteer solidarity and competencies for active youth inclusion”

BYF started the project for ındıvıdual volunteerıng “Volunteer solidarity and competencies for active youth inclusion”, №2022-1-BG01-ESC51-VTJ-000065536 under European Solıdarıty Corps Programme. It is focused on including volunteers to help and qualitatively reinforce our core activity dedicated to our efforts (1) to assert European belonging and values, (2) to stimulate diversity and social inclusion in a multicultural society and (3) to improve key competencies by unlocking potential for sustainable development of young people in the regions covered by us. The main
emphasis is put on the isolated, economically underdeveloped and rural regions. The volunteers will perform both specific tasks related to the objectives of the project as well as will have the opportunity to support the overall activity of the BYF.

Among the main activities in which the volunteers will participate for the realization of the stated objectives are:
– Help with the organization of various youth events, such as youth training in the field of non-formal education education; youth campaigns and projects, including those aimed at the group of young people
with fewer opportunities. This may include activities from supporting the BYF team in coordinating human resources, communication and logistics, to taking and processing photographs and videos showing the implementation of various activities that will be published in BYF communication channels and ours partners.
– Help with the organization of various indoor and outdoor sport events. Among the responsibilities will be taking photos and videos of the participants, interviewing them, supporting the BYF team in communication and logistics around the event, etc.
– Publishing online materials on the social and media channels of the BYF, reflecting the events and translating these materials into different languages.
– Creating of materials such as brochures, leaflets, posters, etc. to promote the activities of the organization and their distribution in local schools in order to involve more young people in BYF projects and events.
– Organization of own youth events and initiatives for young people.
– Work with youth from rural areas.
– Work with young people from institutions.
– Maintenance of your own online blog, where you will share new knowledge and experience from the activities in which you will take part.
-Participation in BYF activities related to writing, implementation and reporting of projects.
Our focus will be the volunteers to stimulate and develop prosociality, as a key skill that prompts people to be of benefit to others and society as a whole, without necessarily expecting the same in
return. Our main directions in the activities that wil be carried out are closely related to critical thinking,
empathy and the perception of different opinions.

Details about the project and the application process can be found in the specially prepared Informational Package, which can be downloaded from here: ESC_Individual volunteering