“Jump In”

From 2nd to 10th October 2022, in Diyarbakir, Turkey, was held the youth exchange “Jump In. This Erasmus+ youth exchange is developed to support youngsters to understand the importance of sport and dancing in the frame of social involvement and inclusion. More than 56 young people from 7 countries – Norway, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Serbia and Lithuania – participated in the youth exchange.

The project “Jump In” aims to find new ways of solving problems in different EU communities faced by the young people and to increase the appetite of young Europeans for physical activities, volunteering, local or global initiatives in order to solve the particular problems of the present day. These solutions can be achieved in full collaboration, solidarity and understanding, and the title of the project clearly expresses the desire to motivate young people achieve the proposed goals. The goals of the project included transferring to 56 young people from 7 organizations from 7 countries a modern methodology based on non-formal education of the use of sport in youth education in order to enhance gender equality, to promote education through sports as a viable alternative against drug, alcohol and tobacco use and an alternative for a healthy life, active participation of young people and against sedentarism, as well as expanding cooperation between young people and organizations in the European Union and EECA states and creating new partnerships and future joint projects. The visits to different places of interest during the project was done in order to raise awareness among 56 participants from 8 countries about the importance of intercultural dialogue to support European values and the fight against xenophobia, racism, stereotypes and any form of discrimination, as well as to identify new ways to include young people with reduced opportunities through sport, dancing and sports education and eliminating any form of discrimination through sport to make awareness-raising activities on the added value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development.