Young Chefs

Young Chefs: You are what you eat – know what you eat!

Kaloyan Staykov, Tsveti Ivanova, Dilyana Gospodinova, Lina Graklyanova, Mitko Graklyanov, Simona Krachunova, Zaynep Bukovyan, Maria Kozalieva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Hello everyone! My name is Kaloyan and I had the honour to be the group leader of the Bulgarian team participating in the Youth Exchange “Young Chefs: You are what you eat – know what you eat!” (Tarsus, Turkey, 4-11.0.2022). I would like to share my personal experience with you, or at least those parts which I can express in words.

In this one week I met many new young people, had lovely conversations with them and felt the spirit of being within like-minded people.  Altogether we have been discussing the topic of food, starting from the basics, going through what is healthy food and landing upon food disorders and how we can identify people with such. As some sessions were on sensitive topics, we sometimes had emotional discussions, from which we all learnt a great deal, I think.  I don’t want to tell you everything, that’s why I would like Tsveti to share her experience with you.

Hello, I am Tsveti, a participant from the Bulgarian team. For me, this one week was fulfilled with a lot of satisfied expectations, delighted with new knowledge and incredibly useful for my future way of thinking about the food -consumption, other beauty usage, food types, different disorders, that now I can talk free and without hesitation about. Moreover, many topics and activities were enriched with practical approaches, that certainly would be implemented in my daytime. Last, but definitely not least, all the participants were so great. We had bright time together, from meaningful discussions to great out activities and walks, which definitely broaden my scope of view for many interesting things about the other countries. Now I would like to give the floor to Simona.

Greetings from another member of the Bulgarian team. My name is Simona. Through this project we have looked at food and cooking not only as a necessity but also as a means to bring people together. We fed our souls with culture, positivity, and many new friendships. This project helped me improve my teamwork and presentation in front of an audience. One of the most exciting experiences for me personally was the intercultural evening. The emotion was unforgettable. I encourage young people to take part in more projects like this with confidence and to develop themselves. Let Maria share her opinion.

Hello everyone! My name is Maria. I participated in the Erasmus+ program, which dealt with our food and eating habits. I enriched my general culture about food and broadened my worldview with the workshops and topics we discussed. I learned more about the traditional dishes of Romania and Lithuania. The opportunity to discuss different topics with people from other countries was really amazing! Because everyone grew up with certain habits in their own eating culture, and it was really helpful to share experiences with them and hear their opinions. 

Dear reader, it is me again – Kaloyan. I hope you enjoyed the small journey we took you on with our stories. On behalf of the whole team, I would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in this project and especially to the Bulgarian Youth Forum for providing us with this opportunity. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in track with the new mobility projects being offered. Bye, bye, and see you probably on the next project. 

Hello from me, too – Lina – part of the Bulgarian group. I can also share with you that I am happy to be part of this project, I spent a lot of time in interesting conversations on topics related to eating habits, and fashion tips that we can easily make at home with different types of food with different benefits. We have established many connections with different people from other countries all across the Europe.

Dear all, my name is Mitko Graklyanov and I also was part of the Bulgarian team in this amazing project, that took part in Tarsus, Turkey. Firstly, I would love to send big hugs and thanks to the organizers and all people from our accommodation. They were smiling all the time helping us out with our countless requests for the rooms, venue, multimedia, cultural night, garden activities, etc. All local team was great ???? Food was very delicious and fresh all the time. For coffee breaks we had different snacks which was great, because we were able to taste different typical for Turkey things. I love that project, because we met people from all over Europe – and everyone brought their own countries’ traditions to share. Also, we had very good seminars, team-building activities and workshops. My top favorite one was for food for beauty, because at one hand we learnt how to turn food, we have in our fridges to nice hair and face masks in other hand the activity was very well set, by acting and theatre. In that way we had Fun and we learnt how to make these masks.