The start of “ERYE”

“EMPOWERING RURAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP – RAISING TOMORROWS LEADERS, TODAY!” (ERYE) is a training course that will take place in the village of Varbovo, Chuprene municipality from 31 October to 7 November, 2021, which is а part of the least economically developed region in Bulgaria and in the EU as a whole. The project envisages the participation of 24 youth workers from 10 countries (7 programme countries and 3 countries – partners in the “Erasmus+” programme).
The aims of the training course is to promote active citizenship, to promote effective tools for stimulation of entrepreneurial skills and to promote inclusion of young people, who are living in isolated (rural) regions of Europe. This objective corresponds directly to the EU policies and programs aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for people who are living in rural areas.
The target group of this project proposal for training course is youth workers, working with people from rural and isolated areas who are struggling with challenges such as social exclusion, poverty and unemployment.
The objectives of the project are defined as follows:
• to analyze the problems of rural residents and highlight the potential for sustainable development;
• to improve the quality of work of youth workers by providing methods, tools and techniques for motivation that will enable them to work effectively with target groups;
• to provide information on the Erasmus + program and to highlight opportunities for new projects and initiatives;
• to encourage NGOs to share experiences and good practices in setting up an inter-organizational network.

ERYE will bring together 24 youth workers from 10 countries (7 programme countries and 3 “Erasmus+” partner countries).
These are youth workers who work with one of the most vulnerable groups of the rural population – young people aged 18-29, on a daily basis.
In order to stimulate the resolution of problems they face, the BYF plan a series of activities, which through non-formal education methods will contribute to the achievement of the project aims and objectives.
As an effective and sustainable way to achieve the project’s aims as well as for the purposes of the Erasmus + program, BYF will use well-established entrepreneurship workshops, outdoor activities, role-playing games, icebreakers, discussions, meetings with successful entrepreneurs, presentations, round tables, theater, movie screening, and many more.
During the mobility, the so-called “Experiential learning” methodology will be used. It involves 5 phases always starting with “experiencing” the problem. The planned activities in the project will encourage innovative thinking, creativity and teamwork skills, creating a conducive environment for sharing ideas and experiences. The methods used will lead to the acquisition of new and improvement of existing knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences of youth workers. The active involvement of the project’s participants during the preparatory phase, the realization of the mobility and its evaluation will ensure the maximum results for all organizations involved in the mobility.