“Into the Digitalization”

From 18th till 29th October, 2021 young people from Bulgaria participated in an Erasmus+ project “Into the Digitalization”, which took place in Upeslīči Atpūtai, Latvia. The goal of the project was to improve the participants` digital skills. The young people from Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Croatia worked on digital skill improvement by making short movies, brochures, using online tools. The participants also had the opportunity to learn about the cultures of the countries, which were involved in the project. Even though it was a project, which started normally and ended in full lockdown, and it did bring some challenges, in general it was great experience for the participants and NGO’s involved.

Here you can see the project`s website, as well as the materials created during the project: https://sites.google.com/view/intothedigitalization