The Adventure “Year in Latvia”

The Adventure “Year in Latvia”

Angelina Aleksandrova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Most of you have probably heard of the “Erasmus+” program, which can provide new knowledge in a short period of time and help you make new acquaintances with young people from all over Europe. Well, I decided to go to the next level and go to Latvia for a year on a project funded by the European Solidarity Corps. It’s called “Creating to be” and it allows me to learn in practice how to organize events for young people with the support of the Youth House in Liepaja, Latvia.

I have been here since December 1, 2021 and I will stay until the end of November 2022 – the first month was incredibly intense. In addition to meeting my mentor and my colleagues at the Youth Center, I managed to go on four one-day trips, marvel at the beauty of the land (as if out of a winter fairy tale), visit the most popular bar in town, participate in a military training, go sledging in the snow and receive guests from France in the apartment, shared with the other volunteer. If you want to read in detail how many things can happen to you in a month in a new country, click here: My Adventures to Success

I wonder what else awaits me in this adventure called “Year in Latvia”?