New experiences and knowledge in Githeio

New Experiences and Knowledge in Githeio

Kostadin Shishkov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Hello, my name is Kostadin Shishkov, I am 27, and I am a medical student. This year I participated for the first time in an “Erasmus +” project, “Fridays 4FUTURE” – a training course held in Gythio, Laconia, Greece. I found out about the course thanks to the Bulgarian Youth Forum and together with some more youngsters we represented the Bulgarian team in the project. 

The course took place from 12th October  to 19th October, 2020, in the picturesque town of Gythio, located on the Mani Peninsula, on the Aegean coast. There were volunteers from different organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Cyprus, Estonia and Turkey and there hosts were from Greece. In line with the theme of the course, climate change and environmental pollution, we offered ideas and developed strategies on how each of us could contribute in our daily lives to reducing environmental pollution, focusing on the following aspects: refusal to buy / use single-use plastic products, reduction of their use and consequently pollution with such products, reuse of non-recyclable materials (including old clothes that can be reinvented), including by changing their purpose. 

We also reflected on how we can reduce the waste of food and each team had to present a recipe made of leftovers, such as old bread for example. One day we organized a cleaning activity of the coast at the end of the city, and as a result we managed to collect a total of 50 kg of waste (20 kg of metal, 5.8 kg of glass, 10 kg of plastic, 5 kg of wood, 2 kg of paper, 3 kg of clothes, 3 kg of batteries). 

Apart from all these useful and interesting activities, this training course was a great experience for me as I had the opportunity to meet other young people from several different European countries, to make new friends and learn more about their countries and their culture. Especially during the cultural evening at the end of the course, where we all briefly presented our countries and we had the opportunity to try different traditional dishes. 

I look forward to the next experience of this kind!