The Many Faces of Modica

The Many Faces of Modica
Brigita Nikova
(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

I participated in the project “CIAO (Civic Involved Alliance of Organisation)” that was held in Modica, Sicily between 23-30.10.2019. The project was a partnership building activity, which gave us chance to meet with other organizations and make contacts for future projects. In the project 14 more countries took part. This is a great opportunity for the different organizations to meet others, share their work interests and to create contacts for the future. During the project we had to work in groups with the other participants and create an idea about a future project. We also had some activities that helped us build a better understanding of the idea behind the project, also helped with the dynamics of the group and to create a better environment among the participants so we were able to come up with ideas for future projects to establish in the future. The facilitators also held activities where we all learned, showing examples of propaganda and how it affects our society in the different countries.

Except the serious work we had to concentrate on, we had really nice time getting to know the city and the other cultures. We had interaction with so many different countries and cultures, foods and beverages, dances, traditional clothing and much more. It was an eye-opening experience to see so many different nationalities, cultures, people working together, dancing together, having dinners together and most importantly having fun together and enjoying each other’s company. This project was a really nice way to meet people from other countries and work together on creating future projects.