#H(e+)lp – first aid for youth workers

The Association Center for Development of Structural Instruments together with partners from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria announces the completion of the project “” #H (e +) lp – first aid for youth workers “. This project was funded by funds granted by the European Commission through the “Erasmus Plus” program.
The group was formed by a number of 33 youth workers, aged over 18 years. The youth workers participated in various non-formal education activities that followed: Learning the first aid techniques, improving the skills to intervene in the event of an accident, knowing how to act in the event of natural disasters, developing the key competences using the methods of non-formal education.
Mobility duration: 01.11.2019 – 07.11.2019
The location of the youth exchange: Horezu, Valcea.

The main objectives of this exchange of young people were:

Objective 1. Develop key competences for 33 young workers to provide first aid measures and interventions in case of emergency.
Objective 2. During the 8 months of the project, 33 young workers developed their skills to provide first aid measures and through the workshops they also learned other young people from NGOs the basic techniques.
Objective 3. In the 8 months, the 33 young workers learned to prepare and act in the event of a natural disaster

Non-formal Education Methods Used:

– Workshops – first aid measures
– Method of non-formal education – theater
– Natural disaster simulation activities
– Writing guide first aid measures for young people in organizations
– Games
– Other reflection and evaluation activities

This project was funded with the support of the European Commission. This communication reflects only the author’s point of view, and the Commission is not responsible for using the information contained in this communication.