“#Youth employeЕ+”

Association for Youth Workers – ALT 357 together with partners from Bulgaria – Bulgarian Youth Forum, Croatia – INSTITUTE OF YOUTH POWER, Poland – 4Youth, Estonia – Seiklejate Vennaskond, Turkey – Belen Kaymakamligi, announce the closure of the project “#Youth employE +”.
This project was funded by funds granted by the European Commission through the “Erasmus Plus” program.
The group consisted of 44 young people, aged between 18-30 (including 6 group leaders), from the 6 partner countries. The young people participated in various non-formal education activities aimed at: developing the skills, abilities, attitudes and knowledge on how to find a job, to draw up a CV and to attend an interview.
Mobility period – youth exchange: 11-18.11.2019
The location of the youth exchange: Horezu, Valcea.

The main objectives of this exchange of young people are:

  1. All 44 participants can correctly use 3 job search platforms (country specific) and understand how they can correlate their skills with that of the employer.
  2. The 44 participants have a new Europass CV and a letter of motivation that can be adapted for different jobs.
  3. The 44 participants know the steps they need to take in order to be interviewed and have improved their communication skills for the interview.
  4. At least 80% of the participants applied for at least 20 jobs, 70% of them were interviewed and at least 50% of them found a job.
Non-formal Education Methods Used:
– Debate
– Open space
– Theatrical scenes
– palliative workshops
– Interviews
– Work visit
– Games
– other reflection and evaluation activities
The target group was made up of:
  1. the 44 young participants;
  2. young people from the local community from Horezu as well as from the partner communities, present at the workshops;
  3. youth partner NGOs interested in the topic of the project.
For further information please contact us at the following contact details:
Florescu Cristian – ALT Association 357
Phone: 0726 32 30 78
Email address: asociatiaalt357@gmail.com

This project was funded with the support of the European Commission. This communication reflects only the author’s point of view, and the Commission is not responsible for the use of the information contained in this communication.