A Totally New, Inspiring Experience

A Totally New, Inspiring Experience

Petya Petrova

( Bulgarian Youth Forum )

I was very impressed by the Erasmus + programme training in Craiova, Romania, because we were experiencing unforgettable moments and emotions with the other participants. The topic was extremely motivating and exciting and everyone had the opportunity to express their opinion on the subject. We learned a lot of interesting and new things about other countries, about their culture and traditions, and we all presented our culture in the best way with dances, songs and funny questions. The organization was very good and everything was made up perfectly, in exceptional detail. I am very glad that I had the chance to be part of this project, where I gained a lot of experience and mostly learned more about Romania and its customs. We were able to taste traditional dishes and to experience each and every country, thanks to the excellent presentations of the participants. We met a lot of people and exchanged interesting and useful information on various topics. We also had some free time during which we used to take walks around town and go sightseeing. I would recommend anyone to apply for a program like this because it opens up many opportunities for personal development and enrichment.