Sport Against Bullying

Sport Against Bullying

Grozdan Stoyanov

( Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In December 2019. I participated in a training course in Craiova, in the frame of the “Erasmus +” programme in Rumania, on the topic “Bullying Versus Sport”. The main objective of the project was to find solutions to the problem of bullying. So far, I have participated in numerous trainings and courses, but this was my first Erasmus + project and I can certainly define it as my most amazing and unique experience. In addition to meeting incredible people from twelve countries with whom I parted not as friends but as a family, I also had the opportunity to do something useful for myself and the people around me. Each day our program included various tasks that were extremely well organized and gave us the opportunity to work in different teams.

Our hosts were extremely friendly and their organization was always flawless! They were always with us and managed to teach me so many things. Now that I know the importance of the issue of violence, I feel motivated to fight against it and to encourage the community to do it as well! I would like to thank BYF for the opportunity to participate in this project, to thank the organizers for all their efforts and to thank Erasmus + for the chance I have been given!