More prepared

More prepared

Velizar Batakliev

Bulgarian Youth Forum

On 31st of October our journey to Horezu, a wonderful charming village in Romanian Carpathian mountains, know as Transilvanian Alps, began. We get in the car and we hit the road to our final destination. During our trip we weren’t bored. We had the opportunity to know each other better and also to gain new interesting geographical and historical knowledge. In around 10 hours we were standing in front of our hotel where we were going to spend our next week as one big family. We were welcomed by our friend Christy and went to the restaurant to have a nice and tasty dinner. There we went for the other participants to arrive and later we had a small celebration with few of them. On the next day we were uniting and getting to know each other by interesting games and activities in the end of day one we were already a real collective.

                During day two slowly we were introduced into the topic of our training course. During the next days we learnt how to save human lives and how to act in dangerous situations that can put ourselves and others in life-threatening conditions. This useful knowledge was given to us by professional medics with a rich experience. Of course we were not doing this all the time. We had a free day and we visited the famous Horezu monastery which is part of UNESCO and I can say that it was astonishing. Everyone of us was having the opportunity to test his or her pottery skills in a traditional ceramic workshop.

                Now let`s add some words about the evening. Every single one of them was one amazing celebration. We were having masquerade ball, cultural evenings with dances, songs, traditional food and drinks.

                When it was time to say goodbye we did it with smiles because we learnt so many useful skills, but also we were a little bit sad because we were saying goodbye to wonderful and motivated people who we hope to see in future.

Sofia, Bulgaria