“Youth EmployeE+”

“Youth EmployeE+”

Yoana-Galiya Novakova

Bulgarian Youth Forum

  I took part in Erasmus + youth exchange project from 11th   to 18th of November in Horezu, Romania. The main topic was youth employment and how to represent ourselves through CV and Cover Letter.

It is the first time I have ever been in multinational community including participants from six European countries (Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey). Each day our schedule involved us in lots of discussions as well as energizers. As an open-minded enthusiast I was overjoyed thoroughly to create and manage a business idea step by step supervised by successful mentors. Our team had to arrange financial conditions and budget. Another intriguing activity was interview stimulations. I participated as an interviewer and it was interesting to create the context. This occupation requires analytical thinking and problem-solving qualities.

Conversations with other participants broadened my mindset. Sharing their work experience, failure and achievements was important to me as a future student. I appreciated the opportunity to meet friendly   people.