There is always a lesson to be learned

There is always a lesson to be learned

Velislav Kotevski

Bulgarian Youth Forum

I had the opportunity to take part in the training course “You(th) & Business 2.0” which was held in the beginning of August. It was composed of two mobilities and this was the second one. The first mobility took place in Rzeszów, Poland, and the second one – in Seinäjoki, Finland. The program was quite intensive, however the information was conveyed in very interesting and exciting way through the tools of non-formal education. We had the chance to start up our own business and work on different strategies to develop it. We also had a first-hand experience on how some traditional and some non-traditional business plans work.

Despite of the fact I was one of the most experienced participants, I did have something to learn. I met a lot of friends there, both from Bulgaria and from abroad. I got familiar with the basics of business and how to start up one myself. We had a lot of unforgettable moments which will leave vivid memories. I am grateful to all of the participants, to the trainers and mostly to Bulgarian Youth Forum.