А great way to improve myself

А great way to improve myself

Svetoslav Petrov

Bulgarian Youth Forum

I participated in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange that took place in Horezu, Romania from 11th to 18th of November 2019. The main goal of the project was to improve employability of participants and teach them about entrepreneurship.

This is was my first Youth Exchange, as before that I’ve only participated in an Erasmus+ Training Course. I was assigned to be the team leader of the Bulgarian participants and my duties were to organize them for activities, take care of any conflicts that might occur and monitor their overall experience. This was an amazing experience for me because it enhanced my leadership abilities and made me more confidant as a youth leader.

Each day our schedule involved different activities and energizers.The host organization made sure we are all mixed up, so we don’t stay in country groups. First two days were mostly about team building and establishing connections between the participants.

The next couple of days the schedule was set up in away that focused on one subject for the whole day, with different activities that were connected to one another. We had to create an EUROPASS CV which I think was very helpful for all participants who didn’t have one already, like me. The other day we were focused on creating a business plan and pitching it to a group of investors. As a want-to-be entrepreneur this was very interesting and stimulating for me and me and my team put a lot of effort into our idea. This resulted in our business plan being considered by the jury the best from the project. We also had activities that were about interviews and I took part of them as an interviewer.

Overall, I think this Youth Exchange was excellent and it definitely helped me grow both personally and professionally. Conversations with participants from other countries broadened my worldview and mindset. I made some close relationships during the project and we are keeping in touch after it had ended. The whole idea and implementation were on the highest level and I would love to work with the host organization again. The Erasmus+ Youth Exchange program is a great way to improve myself and meet friendly and open-minded people and I am thankful for having the opportunity to participate in one.