“First aid for youth workers”

“First aid for youth workers”

Denislava Shopova

Bulgarian Youth Forum

My name is Denislava Shopova and I took part in the project ” First aid for youth workers ” held from 1st to 7th November in Horezu, Romania. I acknowledge my expectations weren’t so great since it was my first training course. However, for me, this project has become a real adventure. I met people who became my friends for lifetime, and although I have only spent 1 week with them, I already felt like my family….

The project was extremely fruitful for me as it combined the useful with the entertaining part – it gave us a very good knowledge on how to remain calm in critical situations and to provide first aid, how to react in times of various disasters – earthquakes, fires and floods. Interesting educational games were held during the project, which united the team and helped us get to know each other better. All the participants from these 7 countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Croatia were surprised by the warm and hospitable welcome of the Romanian people. Each country had the opportunity to present its traditions, culture, food and customs….I admit that I have learned a lot of new things about all the different countries. In addition, this course has enabled me to improve my English skills and communicate with people, regardless of their gender, religion and skin color. For me, this course was an unforgettable experience, an experience that will forever leave a mark in my mind! I hope I will have the chance to be involved again in such a project! Thanks for the opportunity given!