In love with the challenges

In Love with the Challenges

Tsvetelina Dzhoneva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Living in a small town and getting lost in my daily routine make me taking every opportunity for a new experience. For 7 days I substituted the small town of Gabrovo with the Croatian’s capital – Zagreb. In a moment the girl from the suburbs had to orientate herself in the big city, which I was more than excited to do. I got the opportunity to experience living by myself in the capital and acting like an adult. This was a challenge which helped me for my personal development. Furthermore, the people I met during my youth exchange were more than fascinating. I had the opportunity to discuss various topics with people with different perspectives. Friendships were built and that was the most amazing thing. The atmosphere was more than friendly so we had a lot of fun together. I really enjoyed spending time and making memories with the other participants. Another outstanding reason I liked the project was the topic itself. We focused on the internet addiction of youths and video games streaming. I used to spend a lot of my free time on social media so during this week I learned the drawbacks of this habit and I am now more aware of the consequences. This resulted in me using my phone for about half the time that I used to, which is a big personal achievement.

Overall, the “Erasmus+” project absolutely contrasted my everyday life and I fell in love with the challenges that week away from home brought me. I look forward to my next youth exchange which I am sure will be even more fascinating.