Motivating experience





Motivating experience

Velizar Batakliev

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)


Mine interesting journey started at the end of April and its final destination was Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona, Spain). I arrived few days before the beginning of the project “Equal Volunteering Opportunities for Alland I had the opportunity to walk around the beautiful Barcelona. I managed to visit few galleries and museums that charge me with good emotions and positivism.

In 1st of September I was heading to Vilanova i la Geltrú. I was having some troubles with finding the right station but somehow my Spanish language skills paid off even though I was learning it only for 20 days before the beginning of the seminar. We arrived in the late afternoon and we were welcomed on the station and brought to the charming hotel where we were going to spend our next week.

On the next day we were having different team building activities. Everyone was full with good emotions and motivated. We were there to improve and spread the idea of volunteering. We were introduced to the idea of the seminar and the program and started doing our tasks and workshops aiming different and useful things. We presented our organizations and what they are working on. Every single one of us was having the opportunity to speak his ideas and to tell how he or she can implement them.

                Because of the intensity of the seminar the organizers decided to give us a free afternoon. During it we were able to visit Sitges, Barcelona or to walk around Vilanova i la Geltrú. We chose the first option and we were amazed and hypnotized by the beauty that this city is having.

The week passed fast and without even realizing we had to go to our counties. We left that place satisfied of the work we had done and motivated to continue fighting for the right to volunteer.