An Interesting and Pleasant Experience

An Interesting and Pleasant Experience

Sonya Georgieva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In the frame of a week, I had the pleasure to be a part of the Sprouts of culture project team from Bulgaria, a project which took place in Horodovice, Czech Republic. I met many different people from Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania. The programme was very interactive, including games, presentations, exploring the different countries, their traditions, agriculture, farming, etc. In our spare time we had at our disposal the small but very pleasant town of Horozhdovice and its surroundings. Every day we took part in debates on the topics discussed and the different issues on how to qualify and improve the processes that we were talking about during the day. One of the evenings was the traditional intercultural evening, in which each country presented its typical, traditional food, drinks and stories.It was a very positive experience for me to visit an agricultural garden near the town of Susice. There were many interesting animals from all over the world and gardens with different plantations, aiming to build a new and rich ecosystem. The owner was a vegetarian and probably this is the reason why the animals were completely pet-friendly. The garden would be a place for people to walk and eat something delicious. I was really impressed by the nice people, open to the world, the good organization, the busy (but not too much) programme, and the variety of activities. I learned a lot of new and interesting things and made new acquaintances.