Amazing experience

We are what we eat

Tsvetelina Damyanova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

For the period from 22.09.19 to 28.09.19 I took part in the project “Sprouts of Culture 2.0”, which took place in Horodovice, Czech Republic. The focus of the project was mainly on raising our awareness about the food industry, the different food systems, moreover everything that happens with the products from the moment when they are grown to the point when they reach the consumer, a critical analysis on the mass production and local small businesses, permaculture and many of the factors that affect the type and quality of food we consume in our daily lives.

For this purpose we had the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops and discussion groups with other participants from Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic. The clash of all different points of view has undoubtedly provided us with ‘food for thought’ and, hopefully, helped us with more informed choices that  hopefully will shape a healthier lifestyle in the futureThe interactive program was also supplemented by excursions to various farms located nearby, where we were able to see closely how they function today and even touch a part of the processes such as the production of flour, the preparation of bread, butter and more. .The organization was at an excellent level, and the team was always welcoming and friendly to us. We spent our free time getting to know the rest of the participants, having great campfire dinners and board games. We have been through so much together in such a little time, and this has certainly united us and created the conditions for wonderful friendships in the future.It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of this project and I would recommend it to anyone. Personal and cultural enrichment is only a small part of the positives with which one returns home after such an experience.