Learning By Experience

Learning By Experience

Nik Velikov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

I am very pleased that recently I had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus + project in Horažďovice, the Czech Republic, called Sproutsofculture 2.0. This was the second project I was involved in and as well as the first one, it was unique and unforgettable. I met my friends from the previous project and we were able to spend some time together again and have fun while learning new things. The organizers of the project took us to a park near Susice, where they told us a lot of interesting facts, we fed ducks, we were shown how to collect seeds and then to plant them, we even had the chance to walk and feed a llama. They also took us to a farm in Horažďovice, where they taught us how to make butter, natural apple juice, and grinded wheat to make dough and then bake it on fire and eat the homemade bread we produced. There were a lot of animals on the farm and we were able to pet them and take pictures of them. It was a unique experience and we learned so many practical and intriguing things!




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