Friends from other countries

Friends from other countries

Mimi Mladenova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

This year for the first time I had the pleasure and the opportunity to participate in one of the Erasmus+ projects. For me this trip and our stay there was an indescribable and wonderful experience. The chance that I was given by participating in this project to get to know other cultures, meet friends from other countries and talk about topics that are important to young people is irreplaceable. The project was named “Be Aware Of Youth Psychology”, focusing on current topics, related directly with everyday situations and behavior. The organizers had prepared a theoretical part, discussions between us and many innovative ways of teaching. Through games and group activities I was able to get to know all the participants, get closer to them and gain new knowledge on the subject. Also, the place where the project was organized was incredible. We managed to take a walk, explore the sights of Ordu and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

I am grateful for this experience and everything that it gave me.

Sofia, 24.07.2019