“E+ Youth Activizenship“

“E+ Youth Activizenship”

Asya Koleva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

From July 27th through August 4th, 2019 I participated in the Erasmus + training called “E + Youth Activizenship”, which took place in Rovereto, a charming Italian town. The topic of the project was something new to me and I was very impressed by several of the activities. One of them was the Perfectville simulation, in which each participant had to play specific role. Each one of us had to defend a specific position, which was no easy task. Being quite dynamic and challenging, this simulation was very close to real life situations. The discussion then prompted participants to self-reflect and to consider their personal role in society. Another very new and interesting activity for me was “Theater of the oppressed”. During this activity we were devided in small groups and had to share some personal experiences from the past; after that we had to present and play some of them on stage. The discussions after each task were very valuable to me. The participants in the training were very different in their beliefs, personal stories and age, so the conversations were rich in opinions, examples and experiences.

In the afternoon we had some free time, so we managed to take a stroll to the charming Lake Garda, as well as to the town of Trento, which impressed me with its typically Italian atmosphere and beautiful architecture. My participation in the training course was very interesting and valuable. I look forward to part 2, which will be held this November in the town of Baitz, Germany.