When Travelling Means Development

When Travelling Means Development

Kristiyan Traykov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

As a youngster I’ve been always striving for new adventures that can motivate me and can give me strengths in future. A human-being needs this kind of experience that easily lift your spirit up. Such an experience I myself find in “Erasmus+” projects – different youth exchanges and training courses. Every time I participate in similar activities I feel myself more energised and more self-confident. During 5th and 12th August, I was included in an intriguing and interesting training course in Velbert, small town located in the North-West part of Germany, close to Cologne, Essen, Dortmund and Dusseldorf. Before the mobility the perfect word that described me best was “excited”. Excited because I don’t know what to expect. Excited because I don’t know who I’ll meet with. Excited because I don’t know what I can gain as experience. Fortunately, all my positive expectations came true. I met amazing people (all of whom trying to improve themselves) had great time with them. The opening days of the mobility were filled with ice-breaking games aiming to know each other better. The general part of the training course was a task given to us. The main idea was to make 2 videos – a short one 15-20 sec. and another one – 2-3 min. With creativity and innovative ideas all teams presented their videos and we were all gave applause for our hard work. We all appreciated our effort and created some lifetime memories. For me, it was a magnificent and significant week. I learnt so many new things in the video making sphere and found so many open-minded people. Getting out of my comfort zone always motivates me to participate in more and more “Erasmus+” projects and I’m really looking forward to my next one.