The Warmest Project

The Warmest Project

Sava Tashev

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Between 23.07 and 29.07.2019 I participated in a training course focused on the problem with the migration crisis in the EU and the xenophobia and lack of tolerance it provoked. During the project we have learned how to oppose these attitudes with meaningful conversation and argumentation.

The schedule of the training course was developed and executed by Andre and Maria, who were always there for us and integrated our feedback every day.

We have experienced multiple interactive activities like debate, visit of a youth refugee center, creating and presenting projects for future impact on the topic etc. At the end of each day we had time to discuss and reflect on the activities.

The participants came from multiple countries – Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Danmark, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal, and Slovakia. The interesting part was that some of these participants had their origins in completely different countries like Morocco, Greece, Georgia, Afghanistan, Sweden, Syria and Ukraine which added great value to the intercultural exchange. In fact, this was one of the warmest projects I have ever been to – Germany recorded the hottest day ever on its territory – 42°C on 25th July. It was also the warmest project in terms of interpersonal relations – I am glad to have known all of them.

During the intercultural evening we presented typical food and dances from Bulgaria and we enjoyed the same pleasures from the other countries.

I am grateful to Jubuk and Bulgarian youth forum that I had the chance to participate in such a grate project!