“Souls without Frontiers”

“Souls without Frontiers”

Plamena Sokolova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

The training course “Souls without Frontiers” was held from 23-29 of July 2019 in the small German town of Velbert. The need of high quality training for young teachers and youth workers, working in the field of integration of refugees and migrants in the contemporary European societies, gives rise to the idea of ​​the current training. The organizers advocated a specific system and approach for integration, based on methods used in non-formal education to be disseminated to other organizations and NGOs. To achieve this, young people from twelve countries of different age, with diverse backgrounds, representatives of a number of organizations and institutions participated in the training. Despite the record high temperatures for Germany, we were all motivated to share and enrich our knowledge, learn and practice new skills and competences.

Thanks to the highly trained team of the hosting organization, we had the opportunity to visit a juvenile refugee accommodation center in the town of Velbert. During the visit, the center staff spoke about the nature of their work, openly shared the challenges they face on a daily basis, and highlighted some of the most important characteristics and competences that a youth worker in this type of institution needs to have.

The training was fruitful and enriching, the program varied and the activities were intensive. I believe that the present and the future will provide us many opportunities to practice the knowledge and skills we have acquired during this one week, to practice and disseminate good practices and to share our experience. And we will carry the memory of this experience long in our hearts and minds. Because in the field of youth work you touch hearts, change destinies, inspire and give everything you carry within yourself as a person and a professional. Because this “job” is a mission and the profession is a vocation. This thought remained in our minds after the end of the training. I am happy that I had the opportunity to be part of this experience, to meet these people. See you soon, “souls without frontiers”!