Breaking Stereotypes and Records

Breaking Stereotypes and Records

Hristian Troshanov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

From 23rd up to 29th August, 2019, I took part in the training course “Souls without frontiers” under “Erasmus+” programme. The course took place in Velbert, Germany. From the moment we arrived we were welcomed by one of the trainers – Andre, and after that we met the other participants and the friendship between us formed from the very beginning. During the five days the activities were different and very interesting, we discussed everything in details. We hit the temperature record in Germany  – 42° Celsius, the organizers knew that so they gave us one afternoon off, which was great because we got to see the Museum of Industry in Germany in the town of Essen.

Everything was amazing, the organisers have thought about everything. I would gladly return to one week ago to relive the whole project. I want to thank the Bulgarian Youth Forum, because they were the reason I applied in the first place!