Born To Survive

“Born To Survive”

Kiril Nikolov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

“Erasmus+” is and it always will be unique adventure no matter who participates, the time it takes, the main title of the project, participating countries or the hosting one. Another such adventure was an opportunity for five young Bulgarians in Abbiategrasso, Italy from 23th to 31st July, 2019. The title of the project was “Born to survive”, and it was mainly for discussing human rights and future opportunities. This topic is strongly related to the culture, religion, traditions etc., of course.

 “Born to survive” was a big challenge for me. I think that I was pretty sure about most of the human rights but I learned a lot new things, for sure. It was really interesting for me to see which instruments and methods of non-formal education will be used from the trainers to show as in different activities. I believe that those methods could be implemented in spreading the human rights knowledge and not only.” – shares Vanya Stoycheva.

To realize the differences between formal and non-formal methods in education in a project like this is always something that is discussed and when somebody learns it we can say that one of the steps is already made. Trainers are really important here by all the activities like Open Café, Step forward и Forum Theatre, for example. Together with the organizers from Young Effect they all were the key for participant’s unique emotions and feelings. Not only because all the tasks were completely successful. Also because of all the wonderful moments where people from different countries, with different opinions and different weirdness communicated one another.

“One of the most wonderful things was that there was no social separation. We all work together and then party together! The schedule was optimal. Sessions were not so tough and difficult as we know each other and every opinion is so unique. And free time – it would never be bad when it is in god company and an ukulele, which announces the garden.” – says Bogomil Nam.

For some of Bulgarian participants it was their first Erasmus+ project but, maybe, not last, as we can understand from their experience in Abbiategrasso.

 “I cannot say that I had big expectations, because I didn’t want to be disappointed through the project. But in the end, the schedule, the organization, all the participants and the atmosphere, generally, helped me to be fascinated.” – shares Borislava Koeva

“It was a pleasure for me to meet those people from different nationalities and to enrich myself through them.” – adds Galya Bacheva

Sometimes words are not enough to describe a feeling that you want to share with everybody, at that particular moment. There must also be the eyes that speak so much. Or the proudly followed by the Italians – gestures. Or the simple hug that foreshadows good things to happen. Or just the melody that fills up the new drawing.

,,Cilega života ja sam ‘tija samo nju
da do njenog srca nađem put
Cilega života moje tilo je bez nje
ka’ cviće bez vode

Kiril Nikolov finishes, singing again and again the unofficial anthem of the project, sitting back in Bulgaria but probably dreaming for singing this with all the participants in Abbiategrasso for one last time.