“Respect, don’t discriminate!”

The Social Association of Youth Workers – ASALT, together with transnational partners: Belen Kaymakamligi (Turcia), Bulgarian Youth Forum (Bulgaria), Stressball (Cyprus) and 4 Youth (Poland) announces the closure of the project “Respect, don’t discriminate!”.

This project is funded by the European Union through the “Erasmus +” program, Key Action 1: Mobility Projects in the youth field.

Objectives of the project “Respect, do not discriminate!” were:
Objective 1: During the project participants understood what discrimination, stereotypes, prejudices and their negative effects.                                                    Objective 2: Participants have developed their teamwork skills, helped young people with less opportunities to integrate into society, and know at least 5 new non-formal learning methods to help combat discrimination.
Objective 3: Participants have developed an open attitude towards ethnical people / communities that have discouraged them and have greatly diminished their prejudices and stereotypes, even empathized in this respect and are eager to make new projects with them.

Project duration: 01.09.2018- 31.05.2019

Within this project, we organized a youth mobility – including 43 young people. They took part in 8 days of various activities, mainly using nonfromal education methods. The purpose of the activities was:
– To reduce discrimination and stereotypes among young people
– That they become more empathetic towards young people with fewer opportunities
– To increase trust in sons
– Promoting equality and inclusion
– Cultural diversity

After participating in this exchange, young people better understood their role in society and in Europe’s future. Due to the proposed activities, our project has responded to the needs of young people; among their needs we can list: young people who have faced discrimination, social exclusion, lack of trust in their own forces, motivation to participate in the project, the need to learn through non-formal education methods, young people with fewer opportunities.

“Respect don’t discriminate” youth exchanges have always been accompanied by the support of the project team plus the support and advice of group leaders. The mobility program was carefully thought out, so the activities and methods used are not accidental.

The main competencies acquired by the young participants following the project are:

1. Competence to communicate in a foreign language – all participants have communicated both in and out activities in English
2. Competence “learning by doing” – the participants have researched individually or in the team, have worked at presentations, have collaborated on the implementation of non-formal education methods.
3. Social and civic competences: the activities aimed at developing empathy and diminishing feelings of discrimination, social exclusion, etc.
4. Competence of entrepreneurial initiative: With the help of the activities, the young people learned to trust their own forces, to believe in them, to have the freedom to choose the way of work.
5. Mother tongue: In national groups, young people have had the opportunity to discuss and learn new terms / words from different specific areas.

For additional information, please contact us at the following contact details:

E-mail address: asalt.youth@gmail.com
Website: http://asalt-youth.ro/

This project was funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the author’s point of view and the Commission is not responsible for the use of the information contained in this communication.”