# Standup2hatespeech



Plamena Sokolova

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In May, 2019, a training for youth workers, volunteers, youth leaders, teachers and trainers took place in the heart of Palermo – Ballaro Market. Italy welcomed us with its varied cuisine, hospitable people and incredible architecture. It was not accidental that Mark Twain ever said that the Creator had made Italy by Michelangelo’s design.

Surrounded by all the beauty and in the high temperatures of Palermo, we implemented the training “#Standup2hatespeech!”. Its goals were to raise awareness about hate speech at European level, its various forms and contexts, along with presenting good practices to prevent and tackle this phenomenon. Together with the participants from Greece, Hungary, Turkey, France, Romania and representatives from different parts of Italy, we had the opportunity to share what is actually reality in the countries we come from. Thanks to Per Esempio’s wonderful organization, the goals set in the program were achieved and the planned activities realized.

The training was extremely interactive and dynamic, and the environment was appropriate to help us go deeper into the diversity of Italian culture and the unique charm of Palermo.

To strike the balance after the end of this unforgettable experience can only sounds like: pasta, pizza, ice cream and humus, new knowledge, skills and competencies, amazing people and professionals gathered together in a magical place. To tell, show, see and learn all that helps us be better and grow with each passing day. To think before we talk, help others when necessary, love, support and respect opposing to all the differences that shout we do not get together. Because together we are stronger, more able and better.