Once upon a time in Horezu…

Once upon a time in Horezu…

Hristian Troshanov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In the role of representatives of Bulgarian Youth Forum, I – Hristian Troshanov and six other young people visited the town of Horezu in Romania from 15 to 25 February under the “Erasmus+” program. The theme of the project was “ActivE + Youth”. On February 15th, at 7 am, we gathered all seven, almost strangers, sleepy, but filled with positive energy and a desire to discover the new people I can definitely call “FRIENDS”.

Arriving in Horezu, we were extremely warmly welcomed by the organizer of the project – Christi and our trainer for the next 10 days – Claudia. For the coming days, Christi and Claudia had prepared various presentations, games, discussions and projects to show us how an active young person should think. On one of our days, we had a small trip to Sibiu. It is a relatively large city about 150 km from Horezu. In it we found an extremely interesting architecture, a clever combination of old and new, as well as nice coffee. The organizers put efforts to show us most of the architectural monuments in the city through a game.

In a few days, we had to organise a flash-mob, which then grew up in a tour in Horezu during which we could visit their children’s center and and we were told about the activities that take place there. As soon as we left the center, we headed for one of the prominent pottery workshops. There they explained us how exactly the potters of Horezu were made and gave each one of us, who wanted, a chance to experience the process.

For 10 days we had the rare opportunity to learn more about the culture of the countries: the Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Greece and Turkey, as well as they for the Bulgarian one. For me it was a unique experience, which I would gladly repeat, I met some people who would stay with me forever. And though the many tears for goodbye, I think I will meet again, somewhere in our little world.