Campaign and citizenship incubator in EBS “Angel Uzunov”

Yesterday we presented the anti-discrimination campaign under the project Story_S – Springboard to Roma Youth Success and we made very interesting citizenship incubator with the boys form the Educational Boarding School “Angel Uzunov” in the city of Rakitovo, Bulgaria. The institution is for young people, who committed antisocial acts from across the country. Nevertheless, the boys are perfect example for tolerance and mutual understanding, as most of them are from diverse backgrounds, which make them very open-minded and friendly. While presenting the campaign and after that making a discussion and some games during the incubator, the boys showed high interest toward the topic of discrimination as they had experience in supporting disadvantaged young people from a specialized center in the city. According to them, everybody should have equal opportunities and should be receiving help if needed no matter of his/her status or background. We finalized our event in the school with some additional educational games for the boys.