Booklet about deviant behaviour by Sencer

What is deviant behaviour? How can we do prevention? What methods of non-formal education should we use during the correction period? Where is the role of the NGO sector in working with young people with deviant behaviour? These and other questions find their answers by our EVS volunteer Senger Aydemir, based on his personal experience during the “Learning and Growth – Youth in Action” project. In the booklet devoted to deviant behaviour you can learn more not only about the reasons for its appearance, but also in what direction one can work with young people in and outside correctional institutions. Sencer, as well as our two other volunteers, had the opportunity to support the activities of the Bulgarian Youth Forum at the Educational Boarding School “Angel Uzunov” in the town of Rakitovo. There they also realized a lot of activities that they had prepared themselves and, after specialized consultation, they implemented in practice in order to have a positive impact on the youth from the institution.

We hope the brochure will be useful to you and give you a basis for reflection and action on the subject.

Sencer Aydemir_Deviant behaviour (click here)