The adventure called “Finding You”

The adventure called “Finding You”

Ali Skenderov

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

Despite all the experience and projects I have behind my back, I was particularly impressed by “Finding You”,   held in London in the period 3-11.12.2018.

Nine days filled with many challenges and great moments. If I have to describe this experience in one word and at the same time be honest – I could not, because even thousands of words would be inadequate. I really managed to rediscover myself, thanks to the amazing organizers and also to all the participants in the project. It was precisely this the main purpose of staying in the beautiful Gillwel Park. The organizers have prepared the most appropriate interactive activities, simulations, and discussions to help us improve and develop our skills and abilities in a business environment. Thanks to some of the activities we have done, we have become much more conscious people. Of course, it was of great importance the career guidance and how to make the right choice for career development. We have received many useful guidelines on how to create attention-enhancing and value-enhancing CV, how to behave during a job interview.  We became acquainted with the opportunities that the EU gives young people and how to take advantage of them. A large part of the tasks we performed were related to the creation of products or own business to develop creative and creative thinking.

We also managed to get to know at least part of the culture of each of the countries we come from. All the participants had been properly prepared and every night was full of trembling, fun, emotional competitions and delicious food.

We did not miss the activities of each team building, which, in the very first days of our stay there, made us a big and interesting family, for which nothing definitely ended with the end of the project, but the opposite was the beginning of our history. Emotions and experiences with participants from different countries have made this experience even more exciting. I met some great, smiling and positive people with whom we shared experiences and experiences. For these nine days, we were living away from the world and the surrounding problems because we were able to create our own, better world within the project.

I admit that this was the greatest experience ever and for me personally it will remain unforgettable. In my heart I will always remember the adventure called “Finding you”   and the people I shared with him.

Gotse Delchev,