Amazing Memories

Amazing Memories

Christiana Dionisieva

(Bulgarian Youth Forum)

In the begging of December I had the pleasure of being part in the project „Finding you“ in Lomflu, England. This was an amazing opportunity, which helped me not only to learn new things, but also to find new friends and understand different cultures. My passion for Erasmus+ arouse after all the emotions, motivation, adventure and the great experience.  All of this is only a small part the magic called youth exchange.

In this 10 days, which I spent in Gailey Park in London, I learnt how to write official CV, how to motivate my application for different positions, how to deal with the life of a young human and student and how to plan effectively my future. Only for one week, our team which included people of five European countries, became a family.  We danced, had fun, performed sketches, made our own newspaper, in which all of us had a different role: reporter, editor and etc.  Our job was to make short videos on a funny stories on the given topics.

I am happy that for a short period of time so many wonderful things happened and we created amazing memories.